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Hey, I'm Lacey.

It's so nice to meet you! I'm a certified Baby-led Sleep and Well-being Specialist and a certified Parent Coach. My hope is that in working together you discover the amazing parent you truly are!

My Story

I began my journey when our daughter was four months old. Frustrated by advice prioritizing social expectations over children's well-being, I immersed myself in research, discovering a wealth of information about attachment, nervous system health, polyvagal theory, brain science and more.

As my daughter grew we knew there was coming a time where we'd need to establish what obedience and discipline would look like in our home. What I had learned about the brain and attachment and generational traumas I knew we couldn't repeat what had been taught to us. Again, I dove head first into discovering different types of parenting. What I discovered has completely changed our lives. We've gone from days filled with anger and frustration and yelling to days full of peace and understanding and grace. 

Specializing in this knowledge, I offer solutions aligned with instinctive parenting, prioritizing the well-being of the family as a whole. Whether lack of sleep or lack of peace in your home, I'm here to help you find the solutions within yourself as you journey towards connected parenting.

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