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Professional Sleep Coaching

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A tired baby makes for a tough day

When your baby isn't sleeping well, no one, especially Mom, sleeps well. You might be thinking this is hopeless and that you're just going to have to live a sleep deprived life until your child is older.

Can I tell you a secret?

You don't have to wait until your baby is older to get restful sleep and you don't have to leave them alone to cry it out either! 



Sleep without sleep training


Secure Attachment


NO Cry it out methods


Nervous System Focused


Brain Science 

"She understood everything I said and gave me lots of options and references based on what I had to her about my child. Helped me get a good idea of what could be the problem and was very helpful."

Lizeth, GA

We are here to help


Unlock peaceful nights & happier days for your little one!

Are sleepless nights taking a toll on your family? Dive into a personalized one-hour consultation with our specialist Lacey. Gain insights, strategies, & unwavering support tailored to your unique needs backed by an attachment and scientific based approach. Embrace a brighter, well-rested future for you & your baby!

Consultation Details:

  • Intake form & analysis

  • 90 minute video chat consultation with comprehensive notes

  • One week of daily email support

  • 30 minute final check-in phone call 

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